October Member Profile: Jeffrey Morgan

img_3368  Jeffrey Morgan is a Los Osos native, and a product of the SLCUSD system (Sunnyside, Monarch, LOMS, and MBHS). He lives out in Morro Bay, and enjoy surfing, biking, hiking, and camping.

SLCTA: Jeff, how long have you worked in SLCUSD?
Jeff: I have worked in SLCUSD for 8 years. I spent a year as a substitute, working SDC preschool, AP physics, and everything in-between! I then spent a year as a paraeducator in the resource classroom at Sinsheimer. Finally, I got hired on as a sixth grade teacher at Sinsheimer, and this is now my sixth year working in that role.
SLCTA: Jeff, what are you really excited about in your classroom right now?
Jeff: This year I have really been pushing to incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards into my science instruction. At this point we are working on a unit called “Environmental Detectives” where students are investigating a mysterious fish die-off. They have been testing water samples using pH strips and Secchi discs, using microscopes to look at water life, and participating in img_0206environmental simulations that give us information about possible causes for our fish die-off. (Special thanks to Ken Hotaling at LOMS for helping me get this started in my classroom, and Tristan Shorba at the District Office for his continuing support).
SLCTA:Do you have any positive experiences through SLCTA that you’d like to touch on?
Jeff: I really feel lucky to have landed in this district so close to home. There is such a close-knit support network made up of the teachers in our district, and I think SLCTA has a lot to do with that. Thanks everyone for all that you do, and I look forward to seeing you out and about at work or on the town!!!img_0189

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