CTA Executive Officers

President:Eric C. Heins
Vice President:  Theresa Montaño
Secretary-Treasurer: David B. Goldberg

Board of Directors
Executive Director: Joe Nuñez

CTA’s President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer represent the three executive officers of the organization.  Elected by CTA’s 760-member State Council of Education, the officers and Executive Director Joe Nuñez report to CTA’s Board of Directors.

President Eric C. Heins presides at all meetings of the Board and serves as the official representative of the association. Vice President Theresa Montaño performs all duties assigned to her by the president, and, in the absence of the president, performs the president’s duties. Secretary-Treasurer David B. Goldberg performs the duties of both secretary and treasurer to the organization, maintaining the minutes of the governance bodies and overseeing the preparation of the budget.

Executive Director Joe Nuñez oversees the supervision of the CTA’s 435+ staff throughout the state.