CTA Union History

You may not know, but the rights you may take for granted today were won on picket lines, in courtrooms, and in hard-fought political campaigns decades ago.

1863 – CTA was founded during the Civil War.

1866  – CTA won a major legislative victory with a law providing free public schools to California children.

1867  – Public funding was secured for schools that educated nonwhite students.

1911  –  Free textbooks for students.

1915 – CTA led efforts to outlaw child labor in California.

1940’s – The teachers union was the only major organization in California to protest against the internment of Japanese-Americans   during World War II.

1988 – Teachers, tired of the Legislature’s raiding school funding during every economic downturn fought to pass Proposition 98, the landmark state law guaranteeing about 40 percent of the state’s general fund for schools and community colleges.