The WHO Award

WHO is the acronym for We Honor Ours. WHO Awards have traditionally been presented to members of chapters who have demonstrated outstanding service and/or leadership towards the goals of the teaching profession. Local WHO Awards have been presented through the Service Center since 1975.

Local WHO Award:

This award is given to an educator based upon assessment of the quality of service rendered to the chapter. It is based on number of years of service to the Chapter and the CISCC as well as the number of years of service at the State Level and at the National Level. It is awarded for outstanding service to our Association.

CISCC Gold Award for Outstanding Citizen, Educator or Public Official:

This award is given to a citizen, educator or public official for their support of education, students and teachers. This award is given as an expression of gratitude from the teaching profession.

Public Official: Is there a public official who has really supported teachers and education in our area?

Citizen or Educator: Is there a citizen or educator who has made an exceptional contribution to public schools and to children who you feel deserves an award?